Terms of Service

Our Contract With You

When you agree to a service with Arcruy, you are also agreeing to the following terms & conditions without exception:

  • All services (as stated within each invoice) must be paid within 14 days of the invoice being issued to you. This is non-negotiable and legal avenues will be pursued otherwise.

  • Arcruy withhold the right to cancel a service at any point in time without refund if the service is being used against Arcruy's terms & conditions or for unlawful purposes.

  • As a customer, you are required to keep your account and billing information up-to-date via our provided control panel. Should you be unable to gain access to your control panel account, you must contact [email protected] immediately. Inability to access your control panel account is not a reasonable excuse for not providing up-to-date documentation to us.

  • Should you ever want to move a domain away from us, you'll only be billed for the standard domain transferal fee (this is usuallly just the cost of a one year renewal from your desired registrar).

  • We guarantee a minimum service uptime of 99.9%. If the uptime of your service drops below 99.9%, you will be entitled to a 50% refund on that given month. In the case of an uptime below 99%, you will be entitled to a 100% refund on that given month.

  • We take customer privacy very seriously, and enforce industry standard techniques to secure your data. We will never sell any of your given information to any third-party (though analytical information may be collected and used within our own research, this does not affect any personal information or documentation).